A Brother's Love
A Brother's Love
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Charlie Masters is a man who ends up torn between his two best friends: his sister Deirdre and her husband John Camper. Influenced by otherworldly forces, Deirdre ends up leaving her husband, but taking their children. This causes Charlie to be torn between the two. Which side to take seems to be decided for him when he discovers his sister is avoiding him in every, possible way. As a result, both he and John are left to speculate over what has caused this sudden change in her and why she chooses not to trust her own brother, who she'd always turned to before.

A Brother's Love is a story that shows how unseen forces from different dimensions may be the driving force behind so much of what happens in our lives when we let our guard down and open ourselves up to the wrong kind of energy.
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Rosemarie E. Bishop was born and raised in Lackawanna, NY, married Christopher A. Bishop from Buffalo, NY in 1992, and moved to New England in 1993. In 1995 she and her husband built their “cabin in the woods” in a small town in New Hampshire where they reside to this day. Bishop began writing novels in 1999 and currently has five other novels in print, three of which make up The Moral Vampire Series – Search For A Soul, A Matter Of Conscience, and Spiritual Vengeance, plus two stand alone novels, Noah’s Garden and Mrs. Pope. For more information about this author and her work visit www.rosemariebishop.com. Cover graphic by painter Maria Lucia Cortina who created the painting shown on the cover of A Brother’s Love.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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