The Legal Eagles of Children's Advocacy Centers:
The Legal Eagles of Children's Advocacy Centers:
A Lawyer's Guide to Soaring in the Courtroom
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Children´s Advocacy Center professionals face extraordinary challenges as they dedicate their working lives to helping children who have made allegations of sexual and physical abuse. Effective CACs employ a multi-disciplinary team approach to the investigation, treatment, and prevention of child sexual abuse.

But we know that child abuse allegations are often settled in the courtroom, and the road toward the courtroom can be confusing and complicated for CAC professionals and their centers, which often lack qualified and competent legal counsel to pave their wave. This book is a collection of Legal Letters written by Attorney Andrew Agatston to CACs, child advocates and detectives that establishes a path toward becoming Legal Eagles for the children they serve.

"In practical understandable prose, Andrew Agatston addresses many of the legal challenges facing Children´s Advocacy Centers. Executive directors, forensic interviewers and others who work in or with a CAC will find this book to be of great assistance." -- Victor Vieth, Director, National Child Protection Training Center

"The Children´s Advocacy Center model has revolutionized the United States´ resposne system to child sexual abuse, and this shift has dramatically impacted the legal system´s response to these children, the programs which serve them, and the records associated with this service. This book provides an outstanding overview of numerous challenging legal situations which CACs may face in this environment. While focused on the perspective of current practice in the State of Georgia, these challenges are universal, and this comprehensive compilation, written in an easy to understand format, is a must have for every CAC and its legal counsel." -- Chris Newlin, MS LPC, Executive Director, National Children´s Advocacy Center

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Andrew Agatston, J.D. is an attorney in private practice in Marietta, Georgia, and represents crime victims in civil litigation. Additionally, since 1999 he has representing Children´s Advocacy Centers, which are facilities that serve children who have alleged sexual or physical abuse, and her currently represents five CACs in Georgia. He also operates a national Legal Eagle Listserv for CAC professionals and others who work with them, such as law enforcement, prosecutors, doctors, nurses, social workers, CPS professionals and therapists. This is the fourth edition of the "Legal Eagles of Children's Advocacy Centers" series written by Andrew Agatston to CACs as part of his national “Legal Eagle” List Serv. It follows his 2012 book "The Legal Eagles 2010 book, “The Legal Eagles Guide for Children’s Advocacy Centers: Soaring Confidently in the Courtroom,” and his 2009 book, “The Legal Eagles Guide for Children’s Advocacy Center: A Lawyer’s Guide to Soaring in the Courtroom. The “Legal Eagles” List Serv is now in its 7th year, and has more than 900 subscribers in 48 states and two Indian Territories. Mr. Agatston regularly trains CACs nationwide on these important topics.

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