Nyla's Song
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Nyla's Song
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Nyla never imagined that her life would end up the way that it has. Her husband of 15 years went out and had an affair on her and not only did he have an affair but he fathered a child with this woman. She never thought that he would do that to her especially since he caused her to not be able to conceive. Nyla decided she would find solace in something and she did. She met a man that was everything that she imagined and then some. He was tall, dark, handsome and a gentleman. Chivalry was not dead after all and there were still a few good men in the world. This novel will give you drama, romance, love and excitement. You never can tell what will happen next. Stay tuned because the ending will have you wanting more.....wanting more of what Nyla gave in her story......Unconditional and Everlasting love!
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Lettice is a single mother of 3 beautiful daughters. She was born and raised in Chicago, IL but she currently resides in Antioch, CA where she has been since 2001. Lettice has always had a passion for writing. She has also had an active imagination and one day she decided to put her thoughts in writing and from that sparks this urban love story. Lettice credits her grandmother and mother for allowing her to be herself and giving her the wisdom to be able to share her feelings with anyone who would listen.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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