Epic Journey
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Epic Journey
21 Countries At 21
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What kind of world awaits us beyond the familiar bubble of where we grew up? What does it take for a boy to become a man, and what kind of man shall he be? Is there still adventure waiting to be had in far off lands? What’s the real truth about life, love and religion? Are the answers worth living for? Are they worth dying for? A boy is tied down by hospitals and medicines most of his life while fighting a heart condition recently diagnosed as terminal. He finally decides to leave all that he knows behind and attempt to discover himself by wandering alone for three months through 21 countries in Europe and the Middle East. His travels would be the spark of what became an Epic Journey that would transform him from a frightened and cynical boy into the man he had always desired to be. His journey would be a test of his endurance of both body and spirit. It would force him to throw caution to the wind and to experience life as it was meant to be experienced: with a heart wide open and eyes to the horizon.
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Tyler Gilbert is a music student and aspiring film composer living and working in Los Angeles. Since this journey he has been appointed Advisor of the Tyler Gilbert Foundation, originally founded by his Great Aunt Francis. The Tyler Gilbert Foundation works in partnership with the UCLA Medical Center and the Make-A-Wish Foundation to further fund the research and development of new medical technology as well as help fund the wishes of many other young heart patients like him who have been told falsely that saving your life is more important than living it.

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