A Bump In The Night
A Bump In The Night
Collection of Short Stories
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A Bump In The Night – A Collection of Short Stories: is a book of nine short stories. The first eight stories are strictly fictional and products of the author’s imagination. The ninth and final story titled What Was It? is classified fiction although it is based upon a chain of true events, starting with the sighting of a strange animal by the author in July 1967 when he was eighteen years old. These stories combined contain elements of mystery, suspense, life, death, macabre and comedy and in some cases; a little horror is thrown in just for flavor.
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Living in a large rock house in my youth, an encounter with a ghost became the inspiration for this story. Now, forty-five years later, the question as to whether it was real or not real is inconsequential. After a lifetime of security and police work, I am nearing retirement and my hobbies include reading and writing fiction, R.C. model aircraft, and during the early evening hours I enjoy riding my motorcycle along the lonely and occasionally eerie back roads of the Midwest.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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