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Cockatoo Capers
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This is a story about two pet cockatoos named Todi and Quincey. Todi was acquired in South Bend, Indiana and was a well known pet at Mr. Friendly’s Pet Shop in South Bend. She was so sweet and when the author first met her she knew from the start she was in love. Todi has been a special pet for years…almost 30 years. Her adventures start in a 3 person household when she was brought home as a pet around the Easter time of year in 1980. She did tricks and talked. It was pure love for the pet owners, as she did scream loudly, as a typical cockatoo does.

She acquired a brother Quincey Vincent Cockatoo, from an Amish household in Goshen, Indiana. He turned out to be the mean one in the family, as he did not have a sweet nature but he did love women, only women. He grew to hate men and other pets as well. But he becomes a hero when he chases a burglar away.

Quincey’s trip to the bird show shows how birds are like children and do not always behave. He embarrassed the family when he was taken to a bird show to perform and show off his feathers. He decided he would not perform.

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Beverly Hoffman Erickson was born in South Bend, Indiana and came from a musical family. Her mother was an identical twin and she played the saxophone, piano, and cello. Her grandfather played the organ and wrote his own songs, her father the harmonica, and her grandmother played the viola and her aunt (her mother�s twin) played the saxophone and violin. Beverly attempted to play the flute, but could not read a note of music. Later in life she collaborated with Sal Fiorilla, a piano composer, to write the musical A Flower for Iggey. This story contains 12 new songs for children, as they adventure with Iggey the Iguana and parrot friends. Bevely lived in the Midwest for 31 years and worked for The University of Notre Dame, The South Bend Police Department, and was a newspaper supervisor for The Penny Saver before moving to Venice, Florida. Her house became a haven for tropical pet birds. She later owned her own publishing company and photography studio. She became creative in Florida and wrote the first version of Parakeet Magic, entitled Skipper and Jade: A Love Story. This lead to Iggey and then to Toy on Top of a Christmas and Cockatoo Capers, all mainly true stories based on her pet parrots. She lives part time with her husband in Santa Maria, California so she can enjoy her 3 grandsons and daughter�s family. She also has a step son, and a close cousin, and many close friends in Florida and California.

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