Chippi's Adopted Dozen
Chippi's Adopted Dozen
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is lovingly dedicated to my youngest grandchild, Mary. Although you were not born into this family, we have loved you since the first day you came into our lives. You snuggled your way into our hearts and minds. A baby is such a wonderful gift from God. It is a promise that the world will go on. It makes everyone feel hope that the future will bring joy and love and laughter. A family is brought together by love and sharing. We are all so glad that you will be a part of our future together. To you and all the other adopted ones who have brightened the lives of so many people, may you someday be able to share in the life of someone special who will turn out to be just like you! With all my love, Grandma!
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Cherri Wolbrueck is a home-grown Taylorite. She and her husband, Don, live in the home her parents built in 1935. Her daughter, Beth, lives next door with her husband and three children. Cherri’s grandchildren (she has 5) love hearing stories about their parents when they were little, so she decided to share those with other children. Her first book, “Amy Finds a Home” was published in 2008 and was based on a true story. So is this second book in the series – with a little fiction mixed in. The people are real, the places are real, and the stories reflect the lifestyle of a real small town in Central Texas.

REBECCA COE was born in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Her ancestors came from Missouri and settled in Lincoln County, New Mexico in 1871, and were pioneers in the truest sense of the word. Musical and artistic talents are a common thread through the generations of her family. The fruit of Rebecca’s natural artistic abilities and imagination are manifested in everything she creates. It has been her lifelong dream to illustrate children’s books, to capture a sense of childlike wonder in the expressions of the characters she draws. Raised in the west Texas town of Slaton, in Lubbock County, she has a fondness for the small-town lifestyle. She now lives in Taylor, Texas, where she is active in local art organizations and her art.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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