Her Lying Eyes
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Her Lying Eyes
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This is the story of a dedicated man who worked all his adult life, to achieve the American dream, and how the woman he trusted and loved destroyed it all. A husband tries to give all the necessities and conveniences of a modern life to his wife and children. He tried to make them as comfortable as possible. This story shows the depth of his love for his wife and the disdain she felt for him. It shows that no matter how long you live with your partner, and you think you know everything about your better half, think again. A housewife deceitful ways causes a family to lose everything. He keeps waiting, thinking that she will change her deceitful ways, but is he waiting in vain?
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Ever since I was a kid growing up in Trinidad, I was imaginative/creative, I wanted to write horror and science fiction stories. I was inspired by the stories I heard growing up from the elderly people in the village. It was local folklore. TV was not the main source of entertainment like it is today. In the evenings the grandparents, moms, dads, and children would gather around. The old folks would tell about their encounters with the supernatural, even stories that was handed down from their father and grandfather’s. So I always thought my first book would be about horror stories that I heard growing up. Life does not always go according to your plans. This book however is about my REAL horror story. David K. Bartoo

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