A Novel Based on the Author's Own True Story
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ENTHUSIASM is a captivating and inspiring novel that will take readers to the author’s own true story. The author narrates the journey of her life and shares how enthusiasm played a vital role in pursuing her dream in the writing world—with English as her second language—in her new country. Here, she exemplifies her experiences, her family and relationship, her inspirations, and her passage towards her remarkable goals. This novel is a reflection of her own life, how she faced obstacles, how she handled life, how she inspired and touched other people’s lives through her works, and how she achieved the amazing successes of her life and endeavors—a perfect blend of life’s spices.

Through Enthusiasm, readers will be affected by the author’s wonderful story. Filled with hope and inspiration, strength and enthusiasm, this novel will draw out the best within its readers’ hearts and minds.

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Fida R. Abbott was born and raised in Indonesia, married with an American, has a daughter from her marriage and lives in Pennsylvania. Her interest in writing has brought her becomes Managing Editor at a daily online Indonesia news, based on the citizen reporter, www.kabarindonesia.com and as a Director of the Online Writing Course there. She is the Author of What Prayers does Mommy Teach Me?, Dancing in My World, and Amerindo Kitchen in Series. Her websites are www.abbottsbooks.com and ….. www.xlibris.com
Mrs. Abbott's story will inspire anyone who wants to persue their dreams to move forward despite challenges and obstacles. She did not let her limitations stop her from achieving her literary dreams despite a language barrier. Being a person who enjoys fine cuisine,I especially enjoyed the recipe references from her native country, Indonesia.
I enjoyed how she narrated part of her life to pursue her dream as a published author with English as her second language. She made her simple life interesting and remembered every detail in her life. She could blend the story of the past, present and her dream for the future well in her novel. She told her stories in bold frankness, sprinkled with her cultural upbringing and native Bahasa Indonesia language, making her novel unique and one of a kind. She valued family, relatives and friends and they became part of this novel.

Enthusiasm is an interesting novel to read. This novel will be a source of inspiration and encouragement for women seeking to move forward in their life. It can be good resources for everybody who wants to be a writer. She shared her brilliant ideas and marketing efforts, used her blog as a marketing tool to connect with people as many as possible, learned from the great writers, and valued people's feedbacks.

I am inspired by her quotes and her brilliant ideas she presented in her novel, which is a good resource for writers, especially her marketing concept of "spread the word" and "connect with more people" to let them know about her works.
Viviana Widjaja 
I enjoyed this novel very much. It's full of inspiration and encouragement for people who want to pursue their dreams.

Of course we are gonna face obstacles in life, but if we persevere we will overcome those obstacles and be able to achieve something in this life.

I am inspired by this novel in pursuing my dreams and doing what I love to do.

Joeli Soetantyo  
I enjoyed the company of this novel. It's a celebration of woman to write finding her personal avenues of self-expression.

Enthusiasm purely shows the writer's life adventure. It's about her determination to pursue her dream. Through her simple routine as the housewife, you still can gain big desire to keep moving. It taught me some lessons that we never know how far or short us to our destination. The eagerness should last throughout our lives.

Everyone has the lowest point in life. Through Enthusiasm helps me finding the answer. It brings me back to my senses, and making me more appreciate of my life.

Learn yourself from the book. I know I am. If you have a dream, don't wait to pursue it.

Ruth D. Purnamasari 
Like tea with a good friend in the afternoon, this publication is a warm, intimate and pleasant read when you'd like a little charm and entertainment (and knowledge) from Fida's own life stories.

Her interest in the world around her, as well as the Indonesian world she left to come to America comes to life in the pages of her story.

Many of the topics read like short stories in themselves, so the book can be read either in bits or all at once... so sit down, have a cup of tea and visit with Fida in her book. Enjoy!

Marie Sedlak Lupone 

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