The Book of Consciousness
The Book of Consciousness
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The Book of Consciousness

by Dr. Bara H. Loveland

Have you ever wondered what Consciousness is, or the mind, the unconscious or Archetypes and Symbols – how they work and how to define these? Without arriving at the reach of Consciousness, there are numerous books on "consciousness;" there are conferences held, and groups searching for "consciousness," with dictionaries attempting to define it. Why have they not found the ultimate definition of Consciousness, to this day of the publication of The Book of Consciousness, in January 2011? Could Bara’s new book, The Book of Consciousness, hold the answer? Can it deliver the ultimate in Consciousness?

There are many other questions, which science has not positively answered yet. Why is it that our “brain” (cerebrum), seat of the mind, has to be calmed from 40+ Hertz to 8 Hertz or less (literally put to sleep), in order to reach highest states of awareness, although the cerebrum is supposed to be the seat of the world´s highest intelligence? Why is this "seat of highest intelligence" polluting the earth to the brink of dying of life? Why is the unconscious called unconscious, when it is able to construct meaningful dreams; and is there a difference between an Archetype and a Symbol, appearing in dreams and myths? Could a neurosis not be a disease? And what is it the mind really knows?

Profound contemplation of Consciousness must lead to further questions about the origins of Archetypes and Symbols, about wisdom and similarities of ancient Stone Age Symbols, East Indian and Egyptian scriptures, Runes, Mayan glyphs and biblical Symbols, or world religions in general. One may wonder, why an Egyptian god is frequently named in Christian churches, and is mentioned in both, the Old and the New Testaments. Is God “He,” and could “He” exist? Could there be a different world behind our visible one, and could we have “Bio*Modulators” to sense the other world? What can we learn form a Germanic “king?” Is it possible that we have more than five senses and how many diseases could naturally exist? Can the DNA communicate, and how many laws exist in the universe? What is the meaning of certain Bible verses, and what could have been the message, Jesus gave the world on the cross? Is New Age wisdom contained in the Bible, and could it be that common science limits itself, when excluding miracles it could perform with ease, protecting the animals from harm? Are there more levels of logic than one? How could we realize or activate them? What is the role, our belief plays in our life and in science?

The Book of Consciousness begins where common science ends. Be surprised by the innovative answers, with some published about 30 years ago by this author! Be captivated by the author’s authentic, new style; by the insights, humor and vivid experiences, enjoy the 40 figures and tables, as well as exercises, to reach altered states of awareness—naturally and at will.

May The Book of Consciousness raise into Oneness the conscious of all those who read its 640 pages; may they be the "igniters," inspiring divine Oneness and Love in the perception of all!

Genre: Specialty Books

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Please see the book´s colorful and informative web site at click here).

Her new book at Xlibris, The Book of Consciousness, completes her septet on elevating understanding and experience of the mainly unseen, divine realms. This series of Specialty Books culminates in The Book of Consciousness, in the awareness of what consciousness ultimately "be:"

Zeitalter des Gefhls (Era of Feeling, 1979),
Symbole von Urerfahrung und ihre Wiederkehr im Bauen (Symbols of Primal Experience and Their Return in Building, 1981),
Himmel- und Erdenmutter (Heaven and Earth Mother, 1981, book and slide show on the new-ancientTM symbolism of our life energy)
Das innere Weltbild � Archetypen und Symbole (The Inner World Conception � Archetypes and Symbols, 1982),
The (W)Hole Book on Mimbres Pots (1985, on the meaning of the symbolism of an ancient, native American tribe from around 1000AD to 1500AD).
Auf den Flgeln des Windes (Upon the Wings of the Wind, 1989, manuscript, showing the interrelatedness of Stone Age symbols, spirituality and religions)
Der Sonennweg (The Way of the Sun, 1989; first dictionary of the origin of spiritual symbols, used in daily life)

Researching ancient symbols and their spiritual messages, Bara became the Researcher of the DivineTM. She created the Color*Medicine eCourse and is the founder of Bio*ChakraTM Research Institute LLC. Periodically, she has presented her work on TV and radio, both in the US and in Europe. Newspapers have internationally reported about her work. She holds a first time doctorate in the combined fields of architecture and in-depth psychology and another one in natural healing, applying her knowledge as a researcher and author. Bara is combining original research, science, spirituality, practicality, religion and humor, which are determining her new and unique book style. For more information please click here.

The Xlibris Experience
by Xlibris author Dr. Bara H. Loveland

It is an author�s dream come true to realize that the publisher created the book as the author has envisioned it. Xlibris is such a publisher!

Before Xlibris
In the past, I did not have the best experiences with common publishers, except for university and university related presses. One publisher gave my book an unprofessional cover and interior, denying the author input before printing, so that the book went mainly unrecognized, with the editor�s partly falsified text and an inadequate �art� work. Another publisher did not make any payments, although guaranteed in the book contract. A magazine publisher returned my material with a note �unusable,� yet, a few months later I found my material presented as the publisher�s version in consecutive magazine issues � without being backed up by my profound, scientific and innovative research! Another "spiritual" publisher and author gave a seminar using my book. A student versed in these matters asked the instructor, where such not-heard-of-before knowledge came from. The student received the answer that this knowledge was not found anywhere, but was strictly based on the seminar leader�s own work! The student went to a bookstore and found my book, and told me about the event! � One publisher falsified my book throughout, changed words and text to a different meaning, as if wanting to be the co-author of a promising book. Yet, the reader would have been misled: I could not allow this falsified version to be published, although this ground-breaking book received orders beyond expectations � before it was available! About 30 years later, it is still ahead of time, unprinted! Another publisher told me that my pioneering book would out-date all the publisher�s well selling books on the subject. If these were not enough negative experiences with publishers, a bold publisher continued to use my cover image for another�s book without my permission, and, in addition, not paying proper royalties to the author, as I heard.

After such occurrences, I again decided to publish myself, as I had published my first book. I had sold one of my self-published books with original research and artwork for $10, only to find it on the Internet, retailed used, not at a 100% surcharge for $20, but at a 1300% surcharge for $130! Another one of my books I had sold for around $30, was sold on the Internet for about $170! I realized that my books, based on scientific and original research of life energy and the divine realms, are specialty books with an authentic, new book style, combining science, spirituality, religion, humor, life energy, experiences and exercises into Oneness. I finally realized that to this day, it is rare to find the like!

Then I discovered Xlibris, which was highly recommended to me! Was I skeptical? I was! Yet, Xlibris is a different kind of publisher. From my first contact to Representative Sergio Lee, and throughout all the different book production phases, to Team Leader and Book Production Expert Jane Guatno, and Marketing Expert Joanne Uy, the Xlibris teams were kind, patient, listening, advising and supporting: producing The Book of Consciousness to create the vision of the author! They were amazing! In my experience, Xlibris is the exceptional, outstanding publisher!

A big, heartfelt thank you goes to Xlibris and to the kind and expert Xlibris teams!

Dr. Bara H. Loveland

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