All That We Are
All That We Are
Perfect Bound Softcover
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‘All That We Are’ is written from the heart. It is an answer for a clear overview of metaphysical thought today and a starting point leading to a serious search in a multitude of directions for the metaphysical student, or just those who want to know what metaphysics is all about. Gail has taken the complex issues of classical metaphysical thought and given a well worn subject new clarity, keeping it simple but eloquent. The spiritual topics are interspersed with personal accounts of how Gail has used these spiritual principals in her own life journey. This allows the reader to feel a personal connection and provides fertile ground for using the material in everyday life experiences. ‘All That We Are’ provides new insights into who we are, why we are here, and what our life purpose is. It empowers the reader to recognize the positive impact of one’s own life journey. It is a book of hope, of inspiration and of connecting with one’s own soul.
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Gail James has been a life long student of spirituality/metaphysics. For the past twenty years she has taught metaphysical classes as well as given spiritual seminars and participated in psychic fairs. She also gives psychic life readings for clients in 40 states and five countries. Gail is now retired and lives with her husband, Gary and beloved dogs and cat in the foothills of the Olympic Mountain Range which is located in the beautiful Olympic Peninsula, just outside of the rustic town of Port Angeles, Washington. She continues her metaphysical work through classes and readings, as well as writing. You can contact Gail at

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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