Western poetry with a cowboy flair
Western poetry with a cowboy flair
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The Eagle

I wrote this poem about when I was living on Dr. M.J. Nachtriebs Ranch at Northrop, Colorado.

In the mornings as I would leave to work I would see this pair of eagles above in their nest in a tree. At night when I got home I wouldn’t see them, but just before dark they would fly over the camper I was staying in.
I always liked to think they were watching over me.
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I have spent all my life handling cattle and horses, I have worked in feedlots, ranches and livestock auctions all my life, I am a native of southwest Colorado, but am currently living is Missouri. I came from a farming and ranching background so my poems will reflect that.. I call my poems more true to life than anything, I still to this day after writing them over 10 years cannot sit down and just make one up there has to be an incident that will cause me write one. I have a tendency to pick on friends and family. Also I have three grown daughters that have blessed me with six wonderful grandkids,,, I just hope that you enjoy my poems and feel free to contact me any time,,,, Happy reading Denny

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