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“The Sea” is a poem that introduces children to their five senses by way of exploring the various aspects of the ocean. Whether we see, hear, smell, taste, or touch, our five senses not only help us to learn about the world around us, but each sense offers a uniquely different experience with the element or object we are exploring. The author hopes to inspire children to develop their natural curiosity about the world around them.
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Darlene Ewers is new to the publishing world in this her first attempt at writing a children’s poetry book.
Her inspiration for such a work was her four sons and her two grandchildren, all of whom are avid readers.

As the oldest of three daughters, Darlene often read the comics, which appeared in THE KANSAS CITY STAR
and THE KANSAS CITY TIMES, to her two younger sisters. She particularly remembers the colorful comic
strips in the Sunday editions, including Brenda Starr, Dagwood, and Dick Tracy, which were her favorites.

Her love of reading the written word was nurtured by her grade school teachers as she progressed through
elementary school. Darlene has enjoyed reading throughout her lifetime, reading 100 books during her
eighth grade year in school. Her favorite book is A LANTERN IN HER HAND, the life story of a young girl
crossing the plains in a Conestoga wagon with her family, culminating in her final days of adulthood
while reminiscing about the children playing in the yard.

Her favorite memory of her grade school days was listening to her teacher read the Laura Ingalls Wilder
series of books to the children during inclement weather (and during indoor recesses or prior to being
dismissed from school for the day).

Darlene´s poem “Emotions” was published in 2000 in AMERICA AT THE MILLENIUM THE BEST POEMS AND POETS OF
THE 20TH CENTURY by The International Library of Poetry. She has written and shared many of her poems
with her family and friends. She continues to compose poetry as nature and her faith in the Triune God
inspires her.

Darlene grew up on a dairy farm with her sisters in Wyandotte County, Kansas, where her ancestors had
settled as immigrants from Germany. They enjoyed growing up in the two-story farmhouse their paternal
grandfather built, living with many antiques. They attended the same one-room country school their
father and his siblings and their grandfather attended. The smallest number of children in attendance
was 15 and the largest group of children included 21 representing all eight grades. It was the last one-room
school to be closed in the State of Kansas when it was moved from the bank over-looking Island Creek to
its permanent resting place at the Agricultural Hall of Fame near Kansas City, Kansas.

Mrs. Ewers is the mother of four grown sons: Brendon James, Sheldon Michael, Landon Christopher, and
Jordon Timothy. Two sons serve in the United States Army as Captains (one is a physician´s assistant,
who just returned from a year in South Korea, and the other is in the military police currently serving
in Iraq); one is a licensed practical nurse, and one is a percussion music instructor. She has three
daughters-in-law: Maria, Ellen, and Susan. One is a registered nurse, the second is a certified nursing
assistant, and the third is in her second year of residency as an osteopathic physician. She is very
proud of the fact that her daughters-in-law are of Japanese-American, Filipino, and Korean
descent. She anticipates the addition of her fourth daughter-in-law in the near future! She thoroughly
loves and enjoys her two beautiful, intelligent, and talented grandchildren, Christen Marie and Caleb
James, and looks forward to many more grandchildren being added to the Ewers family!

She has been married to James for 41 years, who is an internationally recognized authority on underwater
submerged vehicle survival techniques. He has directed two research projects under the title S.T.A.R.
(Submerged Transportation Accident Research) I and II. Darlene and Jim are proud of their lengthy mar-
riage and their entire family.

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the
hand of a warrior. So are the children of one´s youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of
them. They shall not be ashamed, but shall speak with their enemies in the gate." Psalm 127:3-5

May God be glorified by the reading and sharing of this little book with your children and grandchildren!

I've read only the sample here, but I've put this book on my "to buy" list. Mrs. Ewers comes from a background that intrigues me, and when I think I'd like to meet a person, I'm sure her poetry will delight as well.
Beverly "SilverBee" Scofield 

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