The Trio Kids
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The Trio Kids
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Nine-year-old Emma, eight-year-old Patsy, and seven-year-old Cindy are siblings who live in Sardis, MS. They are known as The Trio Kids. Although they differ in several ways, they enjoy the same things and are always together. Emma, the rebellious one, doesn’t like following rules. Patsy sometimes follows the rules, while Cindy always follows the rules. During May-Day, there are fun games, and competition for students. And since the three sisters go to the same school, they are given the chance to compete against each other. Cindy loves May-Day since she always places 1st; everyone calls her the “Trio Winner. Being the Trio-1st-place winner means everything! It gives them a separate identity. Patsy always places 2nd, but is content with that. Emma, who constantly places last, hates May-Day! She is tired of being the “Trio Loser.” Will Emma finally figure out why she never places first? Find out as the competition heats up between The Trio Kids!
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Employed at a Fortune-Five-Hundred Company, from 1991-2007, Flight-Operations Manager, Dorothy Burdette, at age 40, unjustly terminated due to religion, found herself in the unemployment line during one of America’s worst recessions unable to take care of self, let along her family. Over 15 months behind on her mortgage, but determined to succeed, she worked minimum wage jobs. No health insurance, diagnosed with Hypertension, and “Graves Disease,” she found herself extremely disgusted with the corporate world. It was at this time she decided to never work so hard to maintain someone else’s dream, or to allow them to determine her fate.

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