Average Joe's RV Refrigerator
Average Joe's RV Refrigerator
Troubleshooting & Repair Guide
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Anybody from the RV owner to the service technician can comprehend and determine troubles with an RV refrigerator. In this practical manual, the authors provide profound discussions in troubleshooting. True to its name, Average Joe’s RV Refrigerator: Troubleshooting & Repair Guide aims to help any person in making minor repairs by himself/herself. It also supplies information that helps one know whether or not his/her service tech is qualified to make an educated analysis of the problems and is able to do the repairs successfully with the least amount of cost available to the consumer. Geared to assist any individual anytime, anywhere, Average Joe’s RV Refrigerator: Troubleshooting & Repair Guide is a handy book that will be of use for both personal and business needs.

Book Review: "Average Joe´s RV Refrigerator Troubleshooting and Repair Guide made me feel confident that I (an average Joanne) could pull out my own RV refrigerator and know what I was looking at, what to check first depending on the problem, and where to proceed from there. Without the guide, I´d never know where to start. There are a lot of photos and the troubleshooting charts are easy to read, with a column for symptoms, possible problem areas, and causes and remedies. They identify specific problems for which I need to call on a repair specialist but I was surprised to see that many of the remedies are simple enough that I would not be afraid to tackle them myself. This guide will help anyone assess problems with thier RV refrigerator and try, first, to fix it yourself, thereby saving on costly repair bills." frugal-rv-travel
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Roger and Onna Lee Ford know the importance of providing quality service at a fair price. Ford RV Refrigeration began operation in 1984 and has since become a major icon in the RV industry. Along with the extensive RV service they provide, they also offer nationwide certified training in the field of RV refrigerator cooling unit reconditioning and are part of the Going Green movement. Some of their accomplishments are as follows: 1990 — began advocating Going Green with RV refrigerators — began training RV refrigerator repair and cooling unit reconditioning to others throughout the USA and other countries in an attempt to make this service available to all RV owners. 1994 — wrote “The Ford Procedures,” the first step-by-step technical manual on RV refrigerator repair and reconditioning, used in conjunction with the training they offer. 2003-2009—Editors from many RV technical magazines engaged them to write articles for their magazines and Web sites. 2005(November)—their business, home, vehicles, and all belongings were completely destroyed by a tornado with over 200 mph winds. 2006 (May) —Reopened their doors.—Awarded Business of the Month by the Chamber of Commerce. — Became a member of the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA)— Increased their training to include certification.2007 — began advocating the GO Green movement in the RV industry. —Developed the RVRN Association which networks those who have received our certification training. — became members of the Better Business Bureau. — became Kentucky State RV inspectors. Over the years, their customers have voiced the need for a manual that would enable them to do repairs themselves or, at the very least, give them enough education to know whether or not a service tech had been properly educated. 2009 —Published the 241 page Average Joe’s RV Refrigerator Troubleshooting & Repair Guide—Written at the request of the consumers and service techs.—The first of its kind available to the public. —Supports the Going Green Movement. GO GREEN-Recondition!

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