The Rise Of The Human Androids
The Rise Of The Human Androids
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A dying war hero is miraculously healed by the advanced technology of an alien who merges with him to save his own life. Together they along with an equally old android build a whole new country in the Solar System outside of Earth. To build their new country they must fight assassins hired by shadowy groups and Earth governments who want the advanced technology of the alien race to which the android and alien belong. While fighting this battle, they must also prepare for a war against their own alien race which wants information and crystals taken by the alien now merged with our hero. The outcome of these battles depends on the newly created human androids, who struggle to find their identity while fighting to save themselves and mankind.
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Malcolm Chester has a lifelong interest in writing and science fiction, which he reads with some regularity. He earned a bachelor’s degree from an ivy league college in political science and a masters degree in child study from a private college in Massachusetts early in his career. He minored in creative writing while in college. Later in life, the author earned a Juris Doctorate degree. He has been a public affairs executive at a major corporation and has continued to work in this area as a consultant while also practicing law. This is the author’s first published work, but he has written poetry and other stories throughout his life which he intends to publish someday.
And to think I was going to talk to smooene in person about this.

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