Gabriel Espinosa's 1111 Factor: DNA of the Gods
Gabriel Espinosa's 1111 Factor: DNA of the Gods
Casebound Hardcover
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NEVER HAS A SUBJECT AS COMPLEX AS RELIGION BEEN REDUCED INTO THE LIGHT IN ONE PUBLICATION RELIGIONS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN 1111 FACTOR DNA OF THE GODS An insight to Christianity, . . . I had no idea! Is it rational to indulge in the realm of illusion and govern ones world by that perceived from that illusion? Here Gabriel F. Espinosa unveils astonishing IRREFUTABLE evidence to the development of the Gods!
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As Co-Founder of the Global Humanitarian Foundation, Mr. Espinosa has provided his expertise in mathematical relations and applications to foundational theories and purposes to germ ideas. The goal of the Global Humanitarian Foundation, was birthed from the Global Humanitarian Project where its purpose is to provide by intellectual reason evidence for a better world. His work takes this mandate and proves America’s purpose for the world utilizing embodiments of America’s design. From Midland, Texas, distribution has provided data to world leaders and other prominent recipients worldwide. His work has developed the underlying mathematical grid likeness as used in antiquity to the developing of Paleo-Hebrew, Proto Canaanite, and Phoenician and the plethora of their gods. Gabriel’s publications continue to open the minds of people regarding life and its origins. His research in abstract development by formula association expresses how math was and still is being utilized as that universal language. As grandson of the late industrialist and philanthropist, John D. Foster (Ingersoll and Rand), Mr. Espinosa continues in desire as his grandfather and his friend Rockefeller envisioned. . . .

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