Smile Bandages, Repairers of the Breach
Smile Bandages, Repairers of the Breach
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In a ministry that began in her home, Vertie initially answered the call of God as the “Church Mother”. Later when the Holy Spirit prompted her to leave, she was hesitant to leave the Church that she had become so attached to. Although His promptings were trying to lead her to take His message outside of the realms of the Church’s building, the decision to leave that church ministry involved making a heart-wrenching decision. When she continued in disobedience by ignoring God’s direction, she found herself on the battlefield with Satan’s arrows being hurled in her direction.
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After having gained years of experience raising her four children and other children, who she’d fostered, Vertie wrote a book called “Smile Bandages Cover a Multitude of Pain”. That book was the initial resurfacing of some of her long forgotten memories. Through those memories she experienced a transitional period in which she was able to find a purpose and the plan that God had for her. Attempting to fulfill two great commandments written in the Holy Bible (Mark 12: 30, 31), Vertie began ministering to seniors at various nursing homes. Remembering the joy and strength she’d experience while caring for children, she began encouraging her grandchildren, and other children to practice dance steps to a few songs of praise whenever they’d visited her in her home. Vertie’s the founder and director of two lively praise dance troupes that are called Smile Bandages ‘Stompers’ and Smile Bandages ‘Jewels’. Vertie often takes the children along with her to senior facilities to dance for the seniors throughout New Jersey. She and her husband, Randy, currently reside in South Plainfield, New Jersey, where she continues to care for a foster child and two mentally challenged adults.

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