First Mole
First Mole
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Author John Barber brings adventure to every bookshelf as he releases through Xlibris the first installment of the Mole Trilogy. Readers are taken to the most dangerous zones of Vietnam as they follow one man’s exploits in First Mole. Captain John Baker, aka the Mole, has put himself in danger. After deploying himself to operate alone as a forward observer, he has been the target of all the local Vietcong units. The attention to detail of all his movements is very critical to his continued existence. A young man in his twenties, Baker has with him a good record of commendable achievements while in the military. He has exterminated a good number of Vietcong units with his artillery and kept almost all of his allied units from running into ambushes during the last six months. He got his nickname not by the many impressive feats he has but by his habit of digging a six-foot-long foxhole shelter to sleep in every night, and of course, his cunning and alertness even in the dark. Now, all by himself in his chosen special mission, Capt. Baker believes what he is risking his life for will atone his shame and guilt from a “friendly fire” incident that resulted in the deaths of two of his soldiers. Amid threats, traps, and espionage, he takes on the challenge only to discover that what appears to be a highly complicated task is just in fact the beginning of a more tumultuous ride. Propelled with humor, action, and romance, First Mole will leave readers entertained from the first to the very last page. For more information on this book, interested parties can log on to
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John Barber is a disabled veteran from the Vietnam War. He served with the Currahees of the 101st Airborne Division as a forward observer before being wounded in a combat. He lives in his lakefront home in Michigan where he is working on “Second Mole,” book 2 of the Mole trilogy.

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