Many Ways of Love
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Many Ways of Love
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Title of my book is Many Ways Of Love. This Poetry book will contain Poems of many ways of love. This is my second poetry book published. These poems were Inspired by people in life who have experienced love in many different ways. From Long-lasting love to short-term love affairs, too fantasy love. From friends to people I’ve never met only seen walking by holding hands looking into one another’s eyes. Too other’s who experience ups and downs in love where they had to say good-bye, Also desires of wanting to be loved even for the moment of wondering if. Inspirations of couples who I know that are still in a loving relationship. True Love always inspires me. I’ve also turned the negative to a positive showing that We all learn from those we meet in life, although they may not be who we expect But have shared our lives with them. Life holds many experiences too learn from some good and some not so good. They have inspired me to write of both. Some Are of my own learning’s which I get to express as well, come out of my dreams Is about a guy who appears in my dreams but not in reality. One who we all some How have a fantasy man or woman who we wish would come out to reality. Whisper it is a poem about letting go and not being shy when it comes to love or Desire. Poems of wondering like Would you say will it be hit or miss. Desires like Your very touch that stays on one’s mind. Your what I desire someone who desires Someone to the point of being able have that longing desire. From Love is like a Fire where one gets burned by love’s lies. Love can be bitter love can be sweet it Makes you feel many things. Questions of love wondering does he or could I be Falling in love are questions we may all wonder when it comes to love. Even don’t want to say good-bye about someone who is in love but knows Its better to say good-bye even though it hurts inside leaves many desires sometimes Saying good-bye is best it’s one of life’s tests. A special love was inspired by my Best friend and her husband who met in high school and share that love still to this very day. Keeps me believing in love is out there for all. Unconditional love Is what most desire where love can be shared by two openly two who believe One another sharing desires and dreams. These poems gave me a chance to look into the deeper feelings of joy and pain. In life we all experience some kind of love. Shows us that life has a lot of surprises in store for all of us.
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Elena Belias was born 1966 in New York City NY. Always had interests in writing and rhymes. Started writing short stories in sixth grade inspired by life and fiction. Have a Love for Music growing up with musical people and writers influenced me to write. Rhymes are a fun way of expression as which turned to poems by the time I was in 10th grade. People who I’ve met or have crossed my way in life even on trains have inspired. People and Life inspires me to write. Many Poems have come to me in my dreams, always with pen and paper at hand distance. Mother of 3 teens who always inspire me with their creativity.

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