Corporate Zebras
Corporate Zebras
A play with music
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While on a safari in Africa, the story's main character realizes that zebras have become invisible to their main adversary, the lion, through the benefit of an evolutionary process that has produced their striped-skin pattern which for the lions is indiscernible from the surrounding tall grasses and bushes. Understanding how this advantage has kept the zebras off the endangered species list, he designs a Corporate Zebra Strategy that allows him and his fellow workers to stay just below the radar and out of sight of their main adversaries, the corporate bloodletters, usually referred to as re-engineers, six sigma gurus, quality assurance analysts and consultants. Presenting a look at the inner workings of an international corporation in the midst of a down-sizing, the play addresses an issue immediately relevant to our times in a funny and light-hearted way by poking fun at the underlying character and ethics (or lack thereof) of the corporate bloodletters. As outrageous caricatures of greed and corruption, the bloodletters afford the audience a good belly laugh even though the theater goers may collectively squirm in their seats as they recognize more than just a tad of themselves in some of the characters. Timely and germane to today’s audiences, Corporate Zebras connects with and entertains a significant number of people while allowing them to reflect on the world around them.
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Kevin Loftus is a graduate of Waynesburg College, and has spent thirty five years in the financial services and the non-profit fields. Kevin has served on numerous boards such as The Schwartz Center for the Arts and Main Street Dover, and is currently employed as the Director of Development and Communications for a Health Center. Kevin has also written a short story titled, The True Value of Suffering and a novel titled Depth of Deception. An avid swimmer, jogger, and golfer, Kevin lives with his wife, daughter, and two step-sons in Wyoming, Delaware.

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