Winning Investment Decisions
Winning Investment Decisions
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A psychological and financial perspective on investment strategy and the reality of market behavior. This groundbreaking book offers a unique perspective on the opportunities, dangers, and false representations facing the investor, by combining a view of both financial and psychological realities. It provides the essentials of investing and reveals ways to protect and increase hard-earned savings under one’s own direction, with neither the expensive drain nor possible unreliability or malfeasance of professional advisors. Sad tales of encounters with the markets are legion. Crashing financial losses, gradually depleted savings, growth forgone, fear, anger, depression, and suicide are needlessly commonplace. One may glimpse how to build one’s savings with ease and serenity, for it is not that difficult. - Xlibris Podcast Part 1: - Xlibris Podcast Part 2: - Xlibris Podcast Part 3: - Xlibris Podcast Part 5: -Xlibris Illustrated Podcast Part 1: -Xlibris Illustrated Podcast Part 2: -Xlibris Illustrated Podcast Part 4:
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Dr. Wild was born and raised in Hawaii. After graduating from Yale University, he received an MBA, with a concentration in fi nance, from Stanford University, and a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from the University of Rochester. He worked as a staff psychologist for the state of Hawaii in a neuropsychiatric hospital, a mental health clinic, and as director of the Child Development Center. After transferring to a private hospital, and then a medical clinic, he opened an individual private practice in psychology, focused primarily on cognitive and behavioral techniques. He has served as President of the Hawaii Psychological Association as well as on psychological, charitable, and fi nancial boards and panels. Although choosing not to be an investment professional, he has successfully managed or advised several investment portfolios, as well as his own.

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