The Missions
The Missions
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Steffan Schmidt had a wonderful life. As a travel writer, he explored the exotic countries of the world. San Francisco was his home base and the perfect city to live the life of a handsome bachelor. His life would change when he began to receive “visions” and “messages”— how, from where, and from whom, he could not fathom. The only thing he knew for sure is that “they” demanded that he follow through on their instructions and that a terrible price would be paid if he didn’t. Fearing for his sanity, Stefan sought the sanctuary of his Sierra Foothills retreat, only to find that he had no choice but to follow the path set for him by the mysterious sources of his maddening visions. With his friends, family, and ultimately the entire human race depending on him, could Stefan Schmidt face the consequences and summon the determination and courage to complete . . . The Missions?
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Born and bred in New York, the author later moved to San Francisco – the best of both worlds. After a successful business career, she decided to follow her passion for writing – and became an award winning author for her short story work. Mildred’s first book was the well received biography “Annie’s Journey,” followed by the spellbinding mystery, “The Strange Valley,” and the supernatural thriller, “The Missions.” An experienced world traveler, the author now divides her time between San Francisco and the Sierra Foothills. She spends her spare time enjoying the company of her husband and her plucky Yorkshire Terrier, and visiting with her three children and their families. This is her fourth book, “The Mystery of Seminary Hill.”

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