A Parent's Manual
A Parent's Manual
Secrets to Raising Fantastic Children
Casebound Hardcover
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"A Parent's Manual" is a tounge in cheek title because all of us parents, at one time or another, have wondered why our little babies didn't come with a manual! So now you have one....short and to the point because no one with a new baby ever has time to read a whole book. It is hoped that these little tidbits of information assist you in succesfully raising your children and help you and your children enjoy the experience along the way. Not one of us is perfect. We are not perfect. Our children are not perfect. Th is book is to help us all do the best we can and in doing that the next generation may be just a little bit better at parenting than we were and hopefully it continues on and on and on.....

Luka Yelnia is a MOM ! Who, along with her husband, raised an absolutley wonderful son who is now a husband to an outstanding wife and is now afather of two brillient young boys. (her opinion)! These little ‘tidbits' of parental guidence pretty much sums up her experience raising her son. She didn't always do things right: No one ever does Perfection is not the goal – a happy and loving son or daughter is. She learned quite alot along in her journeyhood of motherhood.... and it isn't over yet. Apparently ‘Motherhood' or ‘Fathrerhood' is a lifelong journey....with many changes along the way. She hopes these short and sweet suggestions help other mothers and fathers around the globe bring up responsible, loving and productive children who then can bring up another generation even better than themselves. May you all be blessed!

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