Amazing Health Secrets The Tongue Can Reveal
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In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Victor Zeines, a holistic dentist who uses homeopathy, kinesiology, nutritional counseling, and aromatic therapy in his practice, and author of “Healthy Teeth, Healthy Mouth,” clearly explains the significance of the tongue examination and how it reflects the state of one’s health. Although there are several books on tongue analysis available, they are written for practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. YOUR TONGUE NEVER LIES is unique in that it’s the first book written in easy-to-understand terminology and geared to the general public Learn about a simple eight step treatment to reduce gum disease This book is unique in that it emphasizes how the problems seen on the tongue may be related to digestion, and how with proper detoxification and supplementation, the body can be put back on the road to health. This change for the better can also be monitored simply by looking at the tongue. While this book attempts to keep the focus on the method of tongue examination, it further serves as an introduction to the wider field of oriental diagnoses. The ultimate goal of YOUR TONGUE NEVER LIES is to enable readers to have a better understanding of their own bodies. It opens their minds to ancient but still relevant ideas pertaining to health. It is hoped that the ideas expressed in these pages will help readers link themselves to nature and gain exposure to new insights about healing.
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Dr. Zeines has been practicing Holistic Dentistry for the past 25 years. He received his degree from N.Y.U. College of Dentistry and completed an internship at the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester New York. Dr. Zeines always believed that dentistry needed to do more than just �fix teeth�. In 1980, he received a Masters in Science (Nutrition) from the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut. He received Fellowship Status from the Academy of General Dentistry in 1982. An early article by Dr. Zeines called �Nutritional Eases Dental Problems�, published in 1980, talks about the link regarding oral and systemic health. Dr. Zeines practices in Manhattan and Woodstock, New York. He can be reached at: NEW YORK CITY OFFICE 57 WEST 57 ST, SUITE 1008 NEW YORK, NY 10019 TEL: 212.813.9461 UPSTATE NY OFFICE 3103 ROUTE 28 SHOKAN, NY 12481 TEL: 845.657.2322 FAX: 845.657.6612 Email:

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