Educating the Person
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Educating the Person
Classic Concepts and New Perspectives
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Education is meant to form the person in such a way that he can see the world in a proper way, and be well positioned to make it a better place for himself and for others. Education should make the person a learning person, developing and equipping him with the tools and abilities to deal with realities of the present and of the future. To educate means to teach how to think rather than what to think, to improve the mind so that the person can think for himself rather than loading the memory with the thoughts of other men. Education is about laying down specific foundations that will help the person to have dominance and at the same time reverence for the world. The new perspective of education I suggest in this book will prepare the young person for the unpredictable future, help the person to acknowledge the power of his own mind, and how to decipher what is good for his intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth.
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Dr. Lawrence Boakye, was born in Ghana, he studied in The University of the Holy Cross, Rome, and got his Ph. D in Ethics and Human Science in 2008. Dr. Boakye is also an expert on peace and confl ict resolution strategies and has published two books on peace building. Dr. Boakye currently resides in Dallas, Texas, where he teaches, does private research, and writes.

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