Road to Digital Divine
Road to Digital Divine
Computational Nature of Mind and Matter
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For most of us, our current perspective is deeply rooted in the eighteenth-century science of materialism. The new science of information and quantum computation is bringing a fresh perspective, a new understanding about the true nature of us and our universe. It has profound implications to the way us humans understand ourselves and our universe. Since this newer understanding rests on digital and informational nature of being and has divine-like qualities, I have referred to this as “digital divine.” A road to arrive at “digital divinity” has also been my journey to understand this new nature of us and our universe. From this perch, our universe appears like an informational entity rooted deeply in the nature of silence or zero. Broader laws of information seem to describe its nature and behaviors far better than the classical laws of physics. Our physical universe emerges as a computing platform engaged in grand act of quantum and binary information processing. How does one start from a macro view of our perceptual universe and arrive at the computational nature of matter and mind? How do cosmic, emotional, and rational mind arise from this foundation? How does this view impact the concept of my self that I hold deep with in my psyche? The informational and computational description of our universe provides a framework to naturally explain many such difficult questions. As one realizes that this grand informational and quantum computational entity or digital divine is not only rooted in logic, but it is also rooted in love, oneness, or unity consciousness, one embarks on a new understanding of us, our universe, and our divinity; an incredible bridge between science and spirituality. This is an amazing know-how. We can all benefit from this.
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Hemant Gupta is the author of Road to Digital Divine, first book in the series Informational Nature of Being. This series of books reflect his quest to understand true nature of himself and his universe. He graduated from University of Southern California, completing his masters and PhD degrees in polymer science. He subsequently finished executive MBA course from University of California, Los Angeles. He has been vice president of research and development at a major corporation for the past ten years and in various leadership roles for the past twenty years.

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