My Gift to You
My Gift to You
The stories of soldiers who died in Vietnam while Serving with the 3rd Battalion (Airborne), 506 Infantry (Currahees), 101st Airborne Division
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"The events that inspired these verses are collections of
memories and fragments that have merged to form poems.
The stories of loving experiences between players, that
looking for love or company ended up with a wounded
These stanzas represent detailed images of the experiences
leading to disenchantments and frustrations that loving
and losing produces; without forgetting the sublime
rapture and ecstasy that loving also inspires.
These verses touch the essence of the heart and soul,
appealing to that collective need we call love; that human
sentiment so powerful, that it can make us touch heaven
or sink us to darkest depths of hell."

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Jerald W. “Jerry” Berry served in Vietnam with the 3rd battalion, 506th Airborne Infantry (Paratrooper), 101st Airborne division in 1967-68. Originally assigned as a rifleman, he became the battalion Public Information Officer (PIO) aka combat photographer/reporter shortly into his tour. Berry retired from his thirty-year career as Staff Wildlife biologist with the U.S. Forest Service in 1997. As historian for the 3-506th, he maintains a website ( for his fellow Currahees. He currently resides in Libby, Montana with his wife, Donna. Other books by Berry include The Stand Alone Battalion, Psychological Warfare Leaflets of the Vietnam War, and My Gift to You.

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