If This Is the “Last Days,” How Then Shall We Live?
If This Is the “Last Days,” How Then Shall We Live?
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Why is Jesus returning for the Rapture? Who is He coming for? If all of the prophecies of the Bible have been fulfilled; why has He not returned? Is He just waiting for the right number of people to be saved? This book offers a fresh and new look at prophecies that still need to be fulfilled. It is an in depth look at the key to the return of Jesus. There are prophecies relating to the world and the evil of this world building up to the “Last Days”. There are also prophecies relating to the “Bride”, for whom He is returning.
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Jim Bard attended Bible College and then accepted his first full pastorate at the age of 24 years old. He has worked in churches as assistant pastor, teacher, pastor and evangelist through his entire life. He has also spent over 28 years working on the streets as a paramedic and attended to over 20,000 patients. What he has learned about God and people comes from listening to the Lord teach him through formal education, street life, family, friends, patients and others.

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