A Collection Of Essays And Letters From An Old Black Man
A Collection Of Essays And Letters From An Old Black Man
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I was in my twenties when I began recording ideas. It didn’t matter where I was, in my van, on the subway, in a room at home or at school. I used any piece of paper available- a newspaper, a matchbook cover, a tablet. Consequently many of my early writings are lost. This book contains some of my afterthougghts of conversations with others, my reactions to events past and present, and my hopes for my children and all mankind. My challenge to you, dear reader, is that you are provoked to have a healthy body, a productive spirit, and peace of mind. Spread the word. Peace.
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Robert Travis Jackson, born in Chester, PA, was educated in Philadelphia public schools. His mother, Mildred, a powerful influence, died when he was fifteen. He served in the U.S. Army, graduated from Philadelphia University, did graduate work at Cheyney and Temple Universities. He creates through writing, painting and woodworking. Father of three college graduates and grandfather to Leiah, Sydnee, and Jasmine, he admonishes all to read unceasingly. He is husband to his friend, protector and soul mate, Barbara. He is supported by a host of friends who have made this journey so beautiful. Thank you all, love and peace.

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