Inside My Grandma's Pocket
Inside My Grandma's Pocket
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In simple language that is poetic and fresh, Linda Kandelin Chambers tells the heartwarming story of the discoveries a little boy makes when he looks inside his grandma’s pocket. Speeding cars, good guys to the rescue, pets and planes and building blocks are just a few of the treasures he finds to create a world of make-believe beautifully depicted in the bright and lively artwork by Honoel A. Ibardolaza. To learn more visit Linda Chambers Books online.
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Linda Kandelin Chambers tells a magical tale of friendship, bravery and loyalty in this memorable chapter book for young children. Set in the tropical paradise of Réunion Island, the reader is introduced to the noble sea creature named Pons and his friends, the children Anabella and her brother Marco. Anabella and Marco live peacefully with their parents and grandparents near the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean, until one day when the serenity of their lives is unexpectedly interrupted. It is then that they find themselves in a truly dangerous and frightening situation where love and courage are put to the test as Pons and the children’s grandfather attempt a daring rescue. Pons and the Miracle of Réunion Island is a vivid and exciting adventure story for boys and girls. Beautiful color illustrations by Barbara Dessí compliment each chapter. Pons and the Miracle of Réunion Island A CHAPTER BOOK FOR BOYS AND GIRLS

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