Marilyn Monroe Her Shoe and Me
Marilyn Monroe Her Shoe and Me
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Basically this book is about the week that I spent with Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller at their apartment in New York City on East Fifty Seventh Street back in 1960 when I was a young wide eyed aspiring actor of twenty. Marilyn showed me the whole city; took me everywhere. It was and still is the most exciting week that I have ever spent with anyone. Then she revealed something to me that she had never revealed to another single soul. This book is about that week, what she revealed to me and the results of the secret that she revealed to me back fifty years ago.
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Howard Allen is a graduate of the Dramatic Workshop and an alumnus of the Herbert Berghof School of drama both of which are located in New York City. Mr. Allen also took acting classes with Stella Adler, Gene Frankel, and Lee Strasberg back in the nineteen sixties, as well as Ivor Francis and Madeline Sherwood. Mr. Allen Is a member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) American Federation Of Television And Radio Artist (AFTRA)and Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI). In Mr. Allen’s earlier years he spent several seasons with the Louisville Theatre Guild in Kentucky and the Clarksville Little Theatre in Clarksville, Indiana. Founder of The Troupe Repertory Company in New York City, Mr. Allen left the Troupe after four years of being the director and was the founder of another repertory company, The New York City League Of Playwrights. Mr. Allen resides in New York City and now spends most of his time writing plays and novels, songs and poems while smoking his cigars and drinking his wine, reminiscing about space and time and dreaming of all that was sublime.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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