The Beanies and the New Baby
The Beanies and the New Baby
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Beanie´s parents are coming home with a surprise. They have brought home a new baby girl! Although, you would think everyone is happy about this new arrival, but one Beanie child, has another thought. Marie is uncertain about having a new baby sister. Marie thinks she doesn´t get any attention. Marie is about to find out how pleasant the new sister actually is. This book is for teachers, and mothers to read to younger children. It is also for children to read on their own anywhere up to third grade depending on their own pace in reading. The words in the book are easy and understandable, and the illustrations are simple and entertaining. This book relates to real life situations that can relate to any young child.
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Amanda Ferrandino lives in Staten Island, New York. She loves to draw and write. By putting both talents together, she created this book. Amanda created the Beanie characters while in fourth grade. During her spare time, she enjoys singing and acting.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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