Hell is being Republican in Virginia
Hell is being Republican in Virginia
The Post-War Relationship between John Singleton Mosby and Ulysses S. Grant
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This focus of this book is primarily about the 13-year post-war relationship between Mosby and Grant, two unlikely warriors plucked from obscurity by the great conflict who became leaders and were considered heroes and legends in their own time—Grant in the North and Mosby in the South—and the virtual incarnation of evil by the other side. It is the story of two men who, at war’s end, put down their weapons and individually sought peace between the sections. Grant found moderate success with his efforts to pacify the South through martial law, which gave a sense of stability to a ruined economy and social structure, but experienced difficulty and frustration with the rising tensions between the races: riots, extreme harassment of blacks, the denial of blacks’ voting and other civil rights and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist organizations. Mosby, on the other hand, returned to the practice of law in Warrenton, in Virginia’s Piedmont, had a successful and busy practice but found the pace of healing agonizingly slow and painful for him as well as his fellow Virginians.
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Dave Goetz owns Mosby's Confederacy Tours, and leads tours in “Mosby's Confederacy”, including Virginia counties of Fauquier, Loudoun, Warren, Clarke and Fairfax. For many years a student of John Singleton Mosby, he began to recognize the powerful and mutually beneficial relationship that formed between former enemies Mosby and Ulysses S. Grant after the War Between the States ended. He found their relationship to be instructive due to their efforts to ensure peace and reconciliation between North and South. Mr. Goetz is descended from the family of Chaplain Father James M. Graves, S.J., who served with Generals Joe Johnston and Stonewall Jackson in the Army of Virginia in 1861-62. He currently serves as commander of the Black Horse Camp #780, Sons of Confederate Veterans in Warrenton, Virginia. Mr. Goetz has a professional background in public relations, sales and marketing, primarily with non-profit organizations. He holds an undergraduate degree in English from Bellarmine University, Louisville, Kentucky, and a Master of Science degree in Community Development from the University of Louisville. He is a U.S. Army veteran, received an Honorable Discharge, and lives in Warrenton, Virginia.

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