Love in All Seasons
Love in All Seasons
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Love is ubiquitous, if complicated. We've put together this quirky, delightful collection in recognition that we're all moved by somethings or someones in different ways. Whether the results are tragic or funny, bittersweet or whimsical, stern or tender, they cast new light onto the infinite varieties and subtlest nuances of that unique, incomparable phenomenon we call love. Helen Harrison will leave you perusing your options more closely with Men-U, while Shannon Fitts shares her full-frontal love affair with the Big Apple in NYC + Me. Come along as our contributors traverse the figurative seasons of love with grace, humor, irony – and maybe a dash of exasperation.
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BETH NEWMAN, the editor of Love in All Seasons, was born and raised in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She went to good schools, worked reasonably hard and is still a work in progress. She currently works as an urban planner in Washington, D.C. In her free time, Beth loves to travel and express herself through painting. She is passionate about fine wine and cuisine, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kingsley, her adorable Manchester terrier. Love in All Seasons is her first published work. E

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