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Time & Everything
Chain Loop Theory
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I was born in 1935 and raised on a dairy farm in a small town . As far back as I can remember I was a dreamer. Magnetic fields, electric fields and gravity stretched my imagination causing me to read books on the subject. Movements seemed to be in three dimensions , but steps in three dimensions don’t give a real diagonal. I read a book on relativity and found that time and distance are abstractions of real time because everything is a wave that travels or oscillates at a constant speed C. I felt that everything in our world is clocked to steps relocating in three dimensions. Some scientists believe that time doesn’t exist, but I believe time is everything it flows in an arrow of time one step after another. This book is a collection of my thoughts.
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I studied engineering at Michigan State and left after my fi rst semester of my third year. I also had some night school courses in calculus but had to quit after I was put on the midnight shift. After that I was employed in Chrysler and trained for skilled trades. After many layoff s I hired into General Motors and was lucky enough to be free of lay-off s. I retired from General Motors and my wife and I lived in the summer in Michigan and spent the winter in a senior community in Texas for 10 years. We then moved to a senior community in Florida. We have three children and two grandchildren that are a delight to us. I loved science so much that I read any magazine or book that I could. I started thinking of space as steps in 3 directions when I was 14 and tried to make stepped movements at the speed of light any direction . With this in mind I investigated concepts that would explain diff erent phenomenon. So I read books to fi nd the answers.

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