Bridging The Gap
Bridging The Gap
Five place about Nativity of Jesus Christ, His Atonement and the Gospel of Salvation
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Acting is defined as a dramatic representation on stage. In his “Poetics”, Aristotle also defines drama as an imitation of an action. These definitions clearly place drama in the category of performing arts. Watching a play is usually a pleasurable experience, and is a form of recreation, it may also be described as therapeutic since it tends to relieve tensions and stress. Drama does not only benefit the spectators but the performers as well. Among the benefits which gratify the cast, are the facts that the spectators welcome the unfolding plots, the powerful emotions and suspense while they await the outcomes. The actors also feel elated to know that the audience admires the elegance, or appropriateness of their costumes, as well as the majesty of the spoken words, as penned by prolific writers.
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Pauline Forrester was born and raised in St. Thomas, Jamaica West Indies, where she grew up as an ardent believer in the Christian Faith. From an early age, she was involved in the dramatic activities of the church, and as an amateur, she participated in every aspect of play production. Such dramatic performances were not limited to the church, but were done in the wider community among other social groups as well. On entering the teaching profession, her dramatic skills were enhanced, and she became an asset in the classroom for over thirty years. Today Pauline resides in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Lelien Webber is the identical twin sister of Pauline Forrester. Like Pauline she was brought up in a Christian environment. She has the same value system, the same intellectual abilities, and the same passion for the performing arts. She is currently a member of the academic staff of the Holy Family Primary School, in Kingston Jamaica. She has chosen drama for her extracurricular activity and had produced plays which were televised across maica, and were performed on many stages nationwide. Pauline and Lelien, seek to entertain a much larger audience, by presenting to the General public, this book of plays entitled, Bridging the Gap..
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