The Arts of VLSI Circuit Design
The Arts of VLSI Circuit Design
Symmetry Approaches Toward Zero PVT Sensitivity
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This text is based on the class notes of a VLSI signal processing circuit course series (EEE598) the author developed for the EE department at Arizona State University. The materials are organized into nineteen special topics covering various state-of-the-arts symmetry based VLSI circuit design techniques for basic VLSI circuit elements, circuit modules and systems, where the symmetry principle and methods with inherently low PVT sensitivity are used to design VLSI circuits with superior scalability and performance for various VLSI SOC applications.
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Dr. Hongjiang Song currently serves as adjunct professor as Arizona State University where he has been offering courses in VLSI Analog Signal Processing and VLSI High-Speed I/O Circuits since 2002. He also served several other academic positions, such as faculty of Yunnan University, analog and RF circuits track chair for IEEE International SOCC Conference. He has published two books and number of technical papers in VLSI analog circuits. He holds 24 patents (5 pending). Dr. Song has been with Intel Corporation since 1994, working on various leading-edge VLSI circuit developments in CPU, chipsets, high-speed I/O, RF, and analog circuits. Dr. Song’s key research areas and interests include high-speed/low-power circuits; RF circuit; A/D, D/A and Sigma-Delta converter circuits; phase-lock loop (PLL/DLL) and transceiver circuits; digital and analog signal processing circuits; power management and power amplifier (linear and class-D) circuits.

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