Blueberry State of Mind
Blueberry State of Mind
A Collection of Reflective Truths
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Blueberry State of Mind, A Collection of Reflective Truths is an autobiography of the authors own life experiences. Finally, she unmasks her pain by poetically chronicling her years of abuse, falling in and out of love, the pain of non-acceptance from her dysfunctional family and the moments when facing her emotional truths finally brought her to the place of healing. Missy celebrates overcoming through her first book of poetry Blueberry State of Mind that speaks to everyone. This book details the many paths Missy has walked before correctly happening upon the one leading to happy. What Missy once kept hidden, is now out in the open as to not allow her abusers to have the final say. No longer a victim, Missy has also infused her books pages with her many victorious revelations throughout the course of her young life. A renewed sense of faith has allowed Missy to garner the strength needed in overcoming past demons. Her tribute to her Mother in Gentle Wings shows the love and respect she has for a woman who not only stood by her but who also pushed her out from self-inflicted darkness. Blueberry State of Mind highlights the many moods of this enigmatic author. Many of Missy's poems date back to her daydreaming teen years all the way to her years of now. The much-needed Dear Daddy letter written details the pain of a daughter’s soul. In addition, the letter to her abusers mother, her own Grandmother depicts her anguish over not having the love or support from this woman. Blueberry State of Mind is simply this author’s tribute to living and best of all surviving.
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Missy Smith, the youngest of five and mother of a son was born in Washington D.C. Raised by both parents; it was her mother Thelma, who kept Missy half way sane. At age six, Missy endured sexual abuse at the hands of her two uncles. Ashamed and afraid, she decided to keep it hidden. Missy took to writing her most intimate and saddening moments in her journal. Years later, Missy realized her most prolific thoughts and feelings were in the very journal she was now ready to share. Hoping to help others overcome, Missy proudly displays her poetic thoughts for all so they too can begin their journey to healing.

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