Carnival Games: $10,000,000,000 Hoodwink Racket
Carnival Games: $10,000,000,000 Hoodwink Racket
Organized Crime on American Midways
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Chances are you have been ripped off at a friendly traveling carnival, set up at your local fair or festival, because you had been left unprotected by police.

The intention of this book is not just to tell readers about the games which keep ripping them off, but most importantly to explain the clandestine behind the scenes workings of a not so friendly, well organized, criminal element.

From the innocent looking and usually rigged, two to five dollars per play "Duck Pond," to the $10,000 contribution by the itinerant carnival owner to the state or national political action committee or candidate, the author, a retired police officer, specializing in carnival midway game enforcement, has been able to associate a portion of illegally obtained cash proceeds from anonymous transient weekend midway scammers to carnival owners, to public servants, and also to distinguished politicians.

This 100-year-old entrenched system of confidence crime and public corruption still operates relatively unrestricted at weekend fairs and festivals in America.

Police simply do not arrest carnival thugs or their politician pals. No one cares about duped children or teenagers since many civic leaders ultimately get a cut of the midway loot in some way, shape, or form.

Because this traditional chicanery is actually endorsed by wink & nod carnival security (dubbed "carny-cops") and public officials, trusting carnival patrons have a high likelihood of being either swindled, pick-pocketed, or short-changed on American midways by anonymous serial criminals.

Unfortunately for unprotected American children, all but a few police agents nation-wide are either untrained, don’t care, or are on the take, and refuse to address fraud (theft by deception) and gambling violations on their anything-goes, hit & run, carnival turf.

While crooked carnival owners operate these drifting mobile crime syndicates under the radar of federal law enforcement, few citizens know the full extent of the systemic immunity and corruption involved. Thus, victims of this multibillion-dollar racket continue to remain unprotected on 21st century carnival lots.

The author’s exclusive investigation describes, for the first time, evidence of facilitation of free-wheeling criminal acts combined with the curious contributions/payoffs which enable this annual crime spree.

The author also uncovers crafty "payments" from culpable carnival owners and lists renowned U.S. politicians associated with the perpetuation of this ten to forty-billion-dollar per year, largely unregulated, rolling racketeer industry.

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Author, Richard Margittay, a retired police officer, is pictured with a display of three notorious carnival games. “Carnival Games: The Perfect Crimes” is an account of Margittay’s police experiences and his four-year investigation, which exposed evidence of corruption responsible for illegal games (fraud and gambling), often perpetuated under the protection of law enforcement. Please see “About the Author” p age inside this cover.
Rich has given law enforcement and the public a great knowledge of the inside workings of the carnival. Armed with this knowledge, people can make better choices when visiting these events. Law enforcement can better serve their citizens by protecting them from the fraud that is sure to occur if not watched closely. Knowledge is power, and with these two books, a person gains power. And with power, as the saying goes, comes great responsibility.
Glenn Hester 

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