Your Pathway to the Stars
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“The Awakening has arrived! A book saturated with wonderful experiences within the esoteric world, narrated in a fascinating fashion by the same being that lived through them. At this chaotic times filled with crisis and anxiety, Xiomara gifted us the tools to survive all the negativity that surrounds us. The Inner Harmony: Your Pathway to the Stars is not a self-help book. It shows the testimony of a life where angels and beings of Light prepared this being chosen by Divinity, to provide the Light and teach us the pathway towards our self- realization …” Walter Mercado World renowned Astrologer
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For over more than twenty six years, Dr. Mayor-Pendola has specialized in past lives regressions for therapeutic purposes. In addition to this therapy she teaches and practices a profound knowledge of astrology, techniques of psycho-spiritual integration, shamanic cures, the use of flower essences and the alignment of the chakras and its energetic system. She is also a licensed facilitator in the 4th levels of Aura-Soma facilitation techniques and a Master in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) along with the training on Public speaking, motivational training and Life Coaching. On this manner Dr. Mayor-Pendola has assisted many others in finding inner peace while searching for their Life Purpose. Based on her teaching, she shows her clients that the only way to transform karma is through conscious changes leading to a spiritual awakening to reach perfect balance of their energies and the energies of Mother Earth and the Creator. She has appeared in multiple national TV programs such as “Primer Impacto” (Univision), “Despierta America” (Univision), “Destino 2,00)” (Telemiami), “America en vivo” (Telemiami), “Personalidades y Sociedad” (Telemiami), “Maite Internacional” (Venevisión/Univision). “Edición Especial” (Telemundo) “El Show del Padre Alberto” (Telemundo) y “Desafíos de la Mente” “Miavisión” She was the host of the astrological session on “Marca Reistrada” (Telemiami) and of a health segment titled “Para sentirte bien” in the “Salud Hoy” program which was transmitted weekly by Miavision and “La Colada de las 12” from 12:00-1:00AM by Radio Unica, 1210 AM. Additionally she has been mentioned by the Miami Herald in their section “En Cuerpo Sano” (Galería, 10/22/1999) on her work as an Acupuncture physician and in “Selecta” magazine, March 2,001 edition. For years other of her articles has been published in esoteric magazines such as “Oasis 2,000”, “Armonía 2,000” (Magazine published by the late astrologer Horacio Valsecia) Walter Mercado Magazine and “Entérese Horóscopo” (Spanish Periodicals) Her website can be found at

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