There Is Magic In The Blackberry Patch
There Is Magic In The Blackberry Patch
Casebound Hardcover
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When Jerrod's parents found out that he sneaked over to his friend's house in The Blackberry Patch, they restricted him to see Chad anymore. Soon, Jerrod treated Chad indifferently and Chad was wondering why until finally, Jerrod told him of what his mother told him, "Nothing good has ever come out of the Blackberry Patch..." This annoyed Chad and at the same time realized that there was really something wrong with Blackberry Patch – houses are all the same, no flowers in the yard, and there were a lot of litters in the street. But he still believed there is something more beyond these frustrating situation and he wanted to find out. But was there really magic in the Blackberry Patch? There Is Magic In The Blackberry Patch tells all.

Packed with insights and lessons, There Is Magic In The Blackberry Patch is a riveting read that will inspire children to get involved in their communities.
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S. YOLANDA ROBINSON was raised on the east side of Columbus, Ohio. She is an East High School graduate. Yolanda received her master’s degree in education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Yolanda has a passion for working with children and families. Each week she hosts a live internet program produced by Talktainmentradio called “All in Our Family.” She said, “It’s for the sole purpose of strengthening families.” Yolanda has worked as an administrator and tutor for an afterschool tutoring program, as a reading instructional coach, and as a job-readiness program instructor. In her own family she annually publishes a family newsletter, hosts family events, such as family reunions, and often has family prayer in her home. She is a member of Trinity Baptist Church in Columbus. In her career, Yolanda has received many honors. She is a recipient of an Ohio State University (OSU) Affirmative Action award, OSU Women Coming Together Advocate of the Year award, and Avery International award. She was nominated for the Carter G. Woodsen Award by the United States Department of Defense for her work with children and families. The department which she managed for CMACAO (Columbus Metropolitan Area Community Action Organization) Head Start was the recipient of the John Glenn Best Practice award for its work with low income families.

Yolanda has chaired numerous committees. She was one of the ground level organizers of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). She was the president of Cardinal Chapter of Nine to Five. She was interviewed on the “Today Show” for her participation. As president, Yolanda served on the African American Triumphs Consortium. Yolanda was a national conference chair for the National Council for Black Studies. She was also Secretary of the Ohio Black Studies Consortium.

Although still very active, Yolanda has retired from her job as the acting program manager for the OSU Black Studies Extension Center. Her membership involvement includes the Coalition of 100 Black Women in Columbus. As the mother of Chad Heath Robinson, Yolanda is the grandmother of Akeisheunte and Yazmina.

Yolanda said “This book is written to inspire children to get involved in their communities. Proceeds from the book will go help the children who live in Poindexter Village receive a scholarship and or support to start their own business. If the book does this, it will accomplish its goal.”

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