Marx & Ford
Marx & Ford
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This provocative fiction explores the consequences of twins' choices. It is a riveting tale that follows the lives of twins John and Thomas Staid who are similar in every way, until they grow distant in their beliefs and the paths they take. From rural Pennsylvania to a gritty housing area in Pittsburgh; from a small private college to a glittering Silicon Valley start up - twins grapple with both their rivalry and the consequence of their choices. The reader ultimately will feel an affinity for one of the brothers thus the question "which twin will you love, which will you hate"? Readers will uncover surprises as the story unfolds. "Marx & Ford" engages the reader to an intellectual and intriguing literary adventure.
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Luke Marusiak was raised in Western Pennsylvania. He served in the U.S. Army culminating with the 1st Infantry Division in Desert Storm. He has resided in the Silicon Valley since the early 1990s working in semiconductors, hard drive media, and vacuum chamber systems in positions from process engineer to Chief Operating Officer and CEO. He draws on his family, friendships, and experiences for his writing. He currently resides in California with his wife and son.


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