The Character
The Character
Life with my father, Jack Meldrum
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Some people tell stories. Some people live them. This man did both.

He charmed Air Force Generals and CEO’S of huge companies and just as often invited guys with no teeth to dinner. He loved life in spite of an atypical childhood and flew his little Piper Cub (with only a watch and a ruler for instruments) until he was 83years old. He had many incidents flying into major airports, got asked to never come back to Sea-Tac Airport, dropped rocks on our high mountain lakes to see if the ice was solid enough on which to land.

He had an amazing sense of humor and could turn any situation into a pun or story. (As you will see.)
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Louise Meldrum Anderson, the daughter of Jack and Helen Meldrum and the wife of Dr. Dale Anderson was born and lives in Buffalo, Wyoming. Both Louise and Dale graduated from the Universityof Nebraska.

After college, Louise and Dale moved back to Buffalo where Dale practiced dentistry for 48 years and Louise often worked as his receptionist.

Louise graduated with a degree in music and has directed the choir and been a part of the music at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church for most of her life. She was involved with Art Therapy for a number of years and is an accomplished artist, painting in watercolor and oils.

The Andersons have two grown children, Joy and David.

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