You Can Make It!!!
You Can Make It!!!
There is a Light at the End of YOur Tunnel!!!
Perfect Bound Softcover
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If you have experienced any kind of pain, this book is for you. This book is intended to heal, restore, and transform your life. In life, there are many people walking around stressed, depressed, oppressed, confused, bitter, and angry from past or present pain. People all over the world, all nationalities, are hurting and may feel like giving up. I am here to let you know whatever the situation or circumstance, you can make it. This book will encourage you not to focus on your pain, but rather focus on being free from pain. This book is guaranteed to change your life. Take the journey with me as I offer many principles and solutions to being free from the bondage of pain. You can make it!
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Tangerlene Cornish is a woman of respect, integrity and dignity. She currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland with her two children, Jasmine and Jawad, who are the backbone of her motivation. She is an inspirational author and speaker who has a heartfelt desire to help change the lives of hurting women. Currently, she has two books published that are guaranteed to change your life, “You Can Make It” and “What It’s Like to Be Single 4 Real”. Overcoming many storms in her life, Tangie can relate to having obstacles in your life, however she firmly believes in the power of prayer and strong determination to overcome every storm and obstacle that prohibit you from having a life you can love and enjoy. She enjoys sharing her testimony about where God has brought her with hopes that someone’s life can be changed. She has submitted her life to the lord and has declared to touch every life she possibly can.

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