Reducing African American Crime Effectively
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This book is about motivating and encouraging mostly young black men to want to live a free productive successful life. It discusses and gives suggestions on how to deal with the major factors that influences our young black generation and provides a fresh simple way to empower young people to make life changing positive choices that will help them reach their greatest potential and never make another bad decision in their life.
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VERNOLDA L.DILWORTH holds a bachelors degree in Education from the University of South Florida. Even though she is an Educator, she decided not to teach in the classroom but to teach in the jail room. Vernolda has been working for the State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice system for over the past twenty-five years. She has experienced first hand our youth’s declining moral values, lack of respect for authority, and increased criminal activity. All of these issues make our youths a serious social problem for our society. We as a society cannot afford to ignore this serious problem and just let things continue as they are. Our youths are our future. And we must preserve their lives now. Because of my experience and witness of the deterioration of our youths over the past twenty-five years, I know what is needed to reverse this cycle. We need to get back to the basics in order to turn this situation around. I am convinced that I can teach our young cultural a technique that will help them to think before they act so that they can make some good decisions. This book will motivate and get them excited about getting back on the right track and living a good productive life.

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