Stalking the Antichrists (1965–2012) Volume 2
Stalking the Antichrists (1965–2012) Volume 2
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Volume 1 of Stalking the Antichrists and Their False Nuclear Prophets, Nuclear Gladiators, and “Spirit Warriors,”1940-1965 is essentially an “enhanced” memoir. It is based for the most part on my “personal observations and knowledge” and “specialized information” from my academic studies of history, political science, and literature at Grove City College and the University of Chicago,as well as my professional insights into the heart of the U. S. Navy (1953-1957, 1960-1961[OP- 09D]) as an Air Intelligence Officer in Hawaii and Japan and the Pentagon; political- military/counsellor assignments in the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer(FSO-6) at the American embassy in Paris (1962-64); and a speechwriter in the Navy Department (1965).

In volume 2, the textual narrative begins with the end of my specific actions/ activities in the Navy and Foreign Service in July 1965, which I have called “How I Lived in History, 1950-1965.” In retrospect my entire Navy career—from my commissioning as Ensign USNR, 1355 AIO, in early September 1953 at Naval Station, Newport, Rhode Island, to my first honorable discharge at Treasure Island on August 27, 1957—was in preparation to an understanding of World War II and the Cold War.

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GEORGE E. LOWE was born in Scranton, PA (1928) and educated in the public schools of New York/New Jersey/PA. He graduated from Grove City College (BA-1950) and U. of Chicago (MA-1953) and taught at all levels of American education (1950-93). Served over 30 years in the Federal Government (1953-88), including US Naval Air Intelligence Officer (Japan, Hawaii & the Pentagon), Foreign Service Officer (African Affairs & Paris Embassy), and Civil Servant (OE/ED). Author of The Age of Deterrence , Little, Brown (1964), It Can Happen Here: A Fascist Christian America, Xlibris, (2000), two Vols. and many articles on military policy, nuclear weapons, education, and the environment. Speechwriter in Navy Dept. (1961,65)/ Department of Education (1981-88). Married in 1954, with two daughters and three Jack Russell Terriers. Hobbies are cooking/baking, book collecting, traveling, and bird watching. Splits the year in Stuart, Florida and Port Medway, Nova Scotia.

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