The Drag Queen Murders
Perfect Bound Softcover
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African American drag queen, diva, and fashion designer, Essence, thinks she has it all together until someone murders her protege and she finds herself and her gang of unlikely detectives in search of a serial killer who prefers killing drag queens.

With the grudging helf of two police detectives, one of whom Essence finds oh-so-irresistible, they search for the killer hoping to catch them before he kills again. Essence puts her life on the line as she finds herself chained to the floor as the next victim of a killer that wants more from a girl that her joie de vivre, purse and pumps.
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Good question. He's been wondering who he is for a ling time. It seems like his voice gets lost in the shuffle of thoughts in his mind. First of all, the name is a pseudonym. It's a persona. It's one of the hidden masks the author presents to the world.

Snookine Fleming's public personality embodies a man who sometimes looks at the world through the eyes of beings he creates in his own mind.

There are other pesonas hidden there. All of them are just waiting to come out into the world like beautiful butterflies presenting their colorful wings to the hot summer day. Strangely though, even with all these hidden personas, the author currently lives sanely in Houston, Texas with his male partner of fifteen years, where he enjoys science, dogs and as many drag shows as humanly possible.

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