Almost Wasn’t – A Memoir of My Abortion and How God used me
Almost Wasn’t – A Memoir of My Abortion and How God used me
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Have you had an abortion and want to be freed from the guilt and shame? Or have you considered having an abortion and want to know, “what’s the big deal?” In Almost Wasn’t – A memoir of my abortion and how God used me, author Sonya C. Howard tells the story of her struggles and consequences after aborting her first baby. Although she regretted her decision, after a lot of prayer and repentance God used her experience to ultimately bring her closer to Himself. In today’s pro-choice society, women are bombarded with the inconveniences of having their babies. What’s missing is the devastating truth about the affects abortion causes to the woman – emotionally, physically, and mentally. Howard’s true story is just one which she hopes will give men and women the inside view and hopefully cause them to think deeper, research more, ask of God, and ultimately consider an alternative to abortion.
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Sonya Cato Howard has made it her mission to educate young adults about the consequences of abortion. She speaks along side of Dr. Alveda King, niece of the late Martin Luther King, Jr., to tell African Americans the facts about abortion. Howard also volunteers at The Atlanta Pregnancy Center, where Executive Director, Nancy Kingston, care for women and families in pregnancy-related circumstances. Last, Howard is a Toastmasters International member where she has achieved her Competent Communicator award, as well as her Competent Leadership award. She is an active member of 6600 South Toastmasters and serves as the Public Relations Officer. There she continuously strives to become a better speaker and leader. Howard’s pro-life mission has allowed her to fight alongside Priests for Life, The National Black Prolife Coalition, Silent No More Awareness Campaign, The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), Operation Outcry, and she is featured in the documentaries - Choosing Life and Life Happens.

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