The Opposite Of Being Straight
The Opposite Of Being Straight
Perfect Bound Softcover
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I want to say I love you to my aunt and uncle Gwen and Grady for always being there for me nomatter what. My brothers and sisters DaVont'a, Octavia, Tatyana, Tyrek, Dominquk, for being the best young sisters and brothers ever. My cousin Gerlinda for being there for me and also help took care of me growing up. Qa'Shawn, Mike, Raheem my boy Mook for being the realist and the best boys, brothers and cousins to me. My mom Kim for being my mom. Any other family that I left out; I love yall as well.
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I am Kyana Belfield and I’ve been gay all my life. My first girlfriend was when I was in second grade. I’m not just a tomboy I’m a stud. Being around boys and men all my life showed and made it easy for me to think like a male and act like a male. I want what they want, when they want it, and I can feel why some just hit it and quit it. I know and see why some treat women the way they do. Why? Because I’ve done it, had conversations about it the same way boys and men do. Same as the other way around I is so much of a stud and by being gay so long that even I know how most girls and women are. I know how girls and women think, what they like, don’t like, act and more. It’s not just a gay thing with me or just the fact of being with women it’s more about how women are when I’m with them and learning about them. You always find out how people really are when you are with them and some women are crazy as hell.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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